Friday, November 6, 2009

Lychee and peach dessert - simple and fabulous!

This dessert is very easy to make, but there is NO need to tell anyone that! It consists of a can of lychee nuts and a can of sliced peaches in syrup. I know that this sounds very simple, but it is luscious to eat!

1 can of lychee nuts (565 gm) - drained (Fig 1)
1 can of natural sliced peaches in syrup (825 gm) - drained (Fig 1)

Fig 1

Pour the liquids into a container - (Fig 2).

Fig 2

Put the lychee nuts into a food processor together with the sliced peaches - (Fig 3).

Fig 3

Process these ingredients until they form a rough texture but are not yet completely smooth - (Fig 4).

Fig 4

Transfer into a bowl and refrigerate until it is cold. It is now ready to eat - (Fig 5).

Fig 5

The syrups, if retained make a fabulous cold drink - (Fig 6)!

Fig 6

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