Saturday, October 13, 2012


This recipe for pizzas is similar to the pizzas made by my daughter Tamara and her husband David. It is a simple way of making pizza that is filling and reasonably healthy!

I am going to prepare a mushroom and olive pizza with cheese. But, a pizza with ANY filling combination can be made.
Firstly you require the pizza base which I get by buying a Souvlaki pita wrap by Creative Foods - Figs 1 and 2.

Fig 1 - Souvlaki pita wraps

Fig 2 - pita wrap is going to be the pizza base

This pizza base is then covered by a  tomato paste - I use the very good tasting Leggo's herbed tomato pizza sauce - Fig 3 and 4.

Fig 3 - Leggo's Pizza sauce containing basil,garlic, onion and herbs

Fig 4 - pizza base covered with the Leggo's tomato sauce

Once this tomato sauce is on, you take three or four button mushrooms; slice them thinly and these are then placed on the tomato sauce - Fig 5.

Fig 5 - sliced button mushrooms placed all over the pizza base

Then I place five or six kalimatta olives - halved over the pizza base - Fig 6.

Fig 6 - kalimatta olive halves spread over the pizza base

And finally I spread over cheese - I find that the 'pizza cheese' by Perfect Italiano which is a mixture of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan tastes better than other brands of tasty cheddar cheese although you can use any brand of cheese that you like - Fig 7 and 8


Fig 7 - packet of Perfect Italiano pizza cheese

Fig 8 - the cheese spread over the pizza base

The pizza is then placed on an oven tray, and put in a 200C oven for 16 minutes. After the required time, the pizza is removed from the oven - Fig 9,

Fig 9 - pizza just removed from the oven

slid off the oven tray, cut into eight sections - Fig 10 and enjoyed.

Fig 10 - pizza cut up into eight pieces

Now - what could be easier than that!

If you don't want the cheese so brown - 14 minutes cooking time is enough. Virtually any type of food can be put on the pizza base - different cheeses; salami; pineapple; anchovies; etc.

Creative Foods, Leggo's and Perfect Italiano are Australian based firms. Similar products are available elsewhere in the world.

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