Monday, December 10, 2012


I was extremely fortunate to go to Claridges for afternoon tea with my daughter– Aviva. We arrived at 3.00 pm just in time to be seated for an afternoon tea full of surprises! We were seated in the Foyer area - Fig 1, 2;

Art Deco Large

 Fig 1 - the foyer of Claridges with the tea room immediately beyond the pillars.

Fig 2 - inside Claridges foyer area where tea is served.

and immediately presented with a sixteen page booklet describing a choice of almost 40 teas and herbal infusions from all over the world. Aviva chose an Earl Grey tea - one of three different types; whilst I had Darjeeling tea. Then we were served a plate of finger sandwiches, which included smoked salmon, egg and mayonnaise, cucumber, camembert with relish - Fig 3.

Fig 3 - the array of sandwiches that were on offer.

We were then given freshly baked raisin and apple scones with Marco Polo jelly and Cornish clotted cream - Fig 4,


Fig 4 - two different types of scones with Marco Polo jelly and Clotted cream.

and a selection of sweet pastries - Fig 5.


All the while, there was a pianist and a cellist playing soft music – a really delightful time! And finally, we were presented with a Christmas tree full of tea! - Fig 6,

Fig 6 - Barry with his Christmas tree full of tea!

and Aviva was presented with a birthday cake - Fig 7.

Some of the photographs and wording comes from the Claridge’s web site.

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  1. Happy birthday, Aviva. What a wonderful way to celebrate!