Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Have you wondered how to get juice and pulp out of a passion fruit relatively cleanly? Well – I’ve got one answer! I use the juicing attachment of my food processor - Fig 1, although you can do it (more slowly) with an ordinary juicer or a spoon.

Fig 1 - the juicing attachment of my food processor.

With the passion fruit stable - Fig 2, cut it in half – you will lose relatively little juice - Fig 3.

Fig 2 - passionfruit layed out before they are cut into halves.

Fig 3 - passionfruit divided into halves.

Then apply the passionfruit halves - Fig 4, to the rotating juicer, and hey presto – you are left with three things.

Fig 4 - passionfruit half applied to the rotating juicer.

There are the empty shells Fig 5,

Fig 5 - the empty shells.

there are the seeds - Fig 6,

Fig 6 - the seeds of the passionfruit.

and there is the juice relatively free of seeds - Fig 7.

Fig 7 - the juice of the passionfruit.

If you are not completely happy with the clarity of the juice – a quick pass through a strainer will do it! Normally, 10 passionfruit provides between 180 ml and 200 ml of juice - Fig 8.

Fig 8 - the juice of the passionfruit in a storage container.

You will have enough seeds to do most things with - Fig 9 – I normally discard half of the seeds that are collected.

Fig 9 - the seeds of the passionfruit.

Now that is a very simple way to obtain passion fruit juice. Passion fruits are in season now and are relatively cheap. Juice as many as you can and store the juice in the freezer.

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