Monday, December 21, 2009


This is a simple dessert but it looks SO effective – people will think that you have gone to a lot of trouble but YOU know better!

Step 1

2 punnets strawberries
2 egg whites
½ cup of caster sugar - Fig 1

Fig 1 - the caster sugar, eggs and strawberries.

Step 1
Take the cores out of the strawberries and cut them into halves. Put the strawberries directly into the bowl of a food processor - Figs 2 and 3. Add the two egg whites and the caster sugar, and process on medium speed for 12 minutes - Fig 4.

Fig 2 - halved strawberries, sugar and egg white put in the food processer.

Fig 3 - during the course of processing.

Fig 4 - processed for 12 minutes - note the large increase in 'bulk'.

Step 2
The strawberry ‘foam’ or mousse thus formed is tipped into a bowl, and the bowl then refrigerated for about 2 hours - Fig 5, until ready for serving. It can be refrigerated up to a day.

Fig 5 - the mousse is tipped into a bowl which is then refrigerated.

Serve the strawberry mousse in small bowls - Fig 6 with a strawberry on top.

Fig 6 - strawberry mousse in a bowl for ready for serving.


  1. Hi Barry, thank you for this wonderful tip and recipe. It really is simple enough for me try and looks yummy. The above post about the sous vide was a bit intimidating but then I am a bit tired because tonight I went to a wonderful wedding. Cheers, catmint

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