Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Part 2 - Marrakesh

As night time approached, we went to the market square - Djemma el Fna - Fig 1.

Fig 1 - the famous market square Djemma el Fna.

It was just packed with people with all sorts of activities taking place. There were snake charmers - Fig 2 and 3,

Fig 2 - snake charmers.

Fig 3 - snake charmers.

little monkeys on ropes; all sorts of games to play - Fig 4;

Fig 4 - trying to get a small ring on a bottle top using a fishing line - it is nearly impossible to do!

and all types of different foods to eat - including snails, sheeps head - Fig 5,

Fig 5 - people sitting around waiting for their sheeps head to be served!

a 'chocolate' like cake and wonderful tea made out of many different spices - Fig 6 and 7.

Fig 6 - some of the many spices used to make the tea drink.

Fig 7 - Barry sampling some of the tea.

and wonderful fresh juice to buy - Fig 8.

Fig 8 - Aviva drinking some of the red grapefruit drink - really yum!

And, ofcourse, there was 'Coca Cola' - Fig 9.

Fig 9 - Coca Cola is everywhere!

A was really a world of variety and wonderment.

Fig 10 - Beghir being made - a type of fried pancake.

In the morning we were treated to a true Moroccan breakfast. We started off by having a mixture of orange and grapefruit drink. Then there were a number of different breads. One type, called Beghir - Fig 10, was like a fried pancake.

Fig 11 - a bubbly pikelet (top) and a fried flat bread (bottom).

Another type was like a bubbly pikelet - Fig 11, and a third was like fried flat bread - Fig 11. There was also French toast made out of thick cake like bread. All these were served with either honey (a favorite of Morocco), fig or strawberry jam, and tea and coffee. At some breakfasts, later on in our trip, we had a semi soft-boiled egg with cumin seeds on it; the egg was absolutely delicious!

Fig 12 - the domed, ornate entrance to the Marrakesh Medina, with the Moroccan flags either side.

The entrance to the Marrakesh Medina - Fig 12.

We spent the rest of the day walking around the souk in the Medina. The pathways are quite narrow and getting lost is relatively easy to do!

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